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Dates: 12 Apr 2014

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What’s cooler than battleships, planes and tanks? How about army tanks underwater?! Two M60 Army Tanks were placed in 48 feet of water in June of 1994 just north of Miami Beach. Although the tanks have been underwater for quite a few years, they still look as if they have been here since the WWII.

At the same time the tanks were placed in this location, the Department of Environmental Resource Management (DERM) also placed 1060 tons of limerock boulders next to the tanks. The result has been an area teeming with life including lobsters, spiny oysters, sponges and a variety of hard and soft corals.

Join DiveBar on April 12, 2014 in exploring this unique artificial reef. This is one of Miami’s true “2 tank dives” and is fantastic opportunity for even the most novice of divers.