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Dates: 13 Jun 2014 - 15 Jun 2014
Location: Duck Key
Price: $110 - $120

DiveBar and the Dolphin Research Center are Joining Forces in the Florida Keys to Welcome New Monroe County DiveBar Members and Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Completion of the Historic Tom’s Harbor Bridge.

Join DiveBar for a Bridge Cleanup, Happy Hour & Thunderbolt Wreck Dive!

Bridge Cleanup June 14, 2014:

Discarded marine debris poses a huge threat to marine life. Manatees, dolphins, turtles, and other animals frequently become entangled in or ingest marine debris and can suffer life-threatening injuries. The bridge cleanup will help prevent such injuries by ensuring the collected trash never finds its way in to the ocean; it will also raise public awareness of the problem.

The cleanup will commence at 3pm. The Bridge is located at mile marker 60.6 and the cleanup will begin at the parking area on the west end of the bridge on the ocean side.

Happy Hour at The Dolphin Research Center June 14, 2014:

Following the bridge cleanup, please join us at the Dolphin Research Center for some food, drinks and live music.
The Dolphin Research Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting peaceful coexistence, cooperation and communication between marine mammals and humans through research and education. Check out the great work they do at www.dolphins.org

The Happy Hour will begin at 5pm. The Dolphin Research Center is located at 58901 Overseas Highway, Grassy Key, FL 33050.

Thunderbolt Wreck Dive June 15, 2014:

To finish off the weekend, we will be diving the famous Thunderbolt wreck! An easily navigable wreck, the top of the observation deck is 75 feet beneath the surface. Uniquely, divers can see this wreck in its entirety during one dive, and reportedly visibility is great on any given day. Thunderbolt sits perfectly upright with large angelfish patrolling its decks and notable giant cable spool at the bow; barracuda stand watch in the wheelhouse. The aft end of the wreck has been cut away to expose the engine room and the interior of the hull.

Thunderbolt’s superstructure is coated with colorful sponges, corals and hydroids, providing refuge and sustenance to large angelfish, jacks, cobia, tarpon and a variety of deep-water pelagic creatures.

Perhaps the most popular residents are the three goliath grouper that hang around the engine room — one nearly 800 pounds. Schools of amberjack, plentiful hogfish, black grouper and the occasional reef shark reside near the rudder and propellers, left on the ship to complement the stern section of the hull to appeal to divers.

Tilden’s Dive Center, 61 Hawk’s Cay Blvd, Duck Key. Check-in for dive is 8 a.m. and the price is $110 for air, $120 for Nitrox, which includes tanks, weights, tip, and snacks.

A waitlist is for this dive is currently available.  Please contact Heather Weeter for information at heather.weeter@sedgwicklaw.com