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Dates: 16 Aug 2014
Location: 90791 Old Highway #1, Tavernier, Florida 33070
Price: $100

A night dive in mid-August is your opportunity to witness the most incredible phenomenon on the coral reefs – the coral spawn. Boulder and branching corals will release millions of gametes into the tropical waters of Key Largo in the wondrous annual ritual.

The coral release gametes (both eggs and sperm) in this synchronized event to maximize the chance of fertilization. Tiny white, pink or orange spheres rise out of the center of each coral polyp. After fertilization, the larvae or planula will drift with the ocean current for weeks before settling down on the bottom to grow into a polyp. The polyps grow to form colonies, which secrete a calcareous substance that creates our coral reefs.

Join DiveBar in watching Mother Nature’s romance at work. As with most romantic encounters, timing is everything! The moon phase, tides, and water temperature are all factors that determine the timing of the spawn. Scientists have narrowed down this year’s spawn Key Largo to a three-night span. We will be diving on the first night of the spawn, which is when it normally happens. The entire reef community comes alive for this spectacular event. It is truly phenomenal.

Cost: $100 – includes tanks, weights, tips, snacks and “Decompressor” adult beverage for post-dive. Other equipment rental or dive light available at an additional cost.

Suggested accommodations:

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