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Dates: 26 Jul 2014 - 03 Aug 2014
Location: Mexico
Price: Estimated Price $2,500 | $1,000 - Deposit

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Divebar is headed to Mexico to swim with whale sharks, dive underwater caverns and explore an Ancient Mayan Ruins

2 Days of Swimming with Whale Sharks in Holbox

During the months of May through October, Holbox hosts the world’s biggest congregation of the whale shark–the largest fish on the planet. These majestic creatures, which can measure up to 15 meters in length, come every year to these plankton-rich waters to feed. Because of their extremely docile nature, it is possible to swim alongside these docile giants and observe them in their natural habitat. Swimming with the whale sharks is definitely an unforgettable experience.

We will be staying on Holbox, a small island in Mexico located off of the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Famous for its large congregation of whale sharks, the enchanting island is the situated at the confluence of the currents from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, the waters surrounding Holbox Island are some of the most nutrient-rich waters of the entire region. As a result, the marine life of the island is as rich as it is diverse; from whale sharks and manta rays to dolphins, lobster, octopus, eagle rays and sea turtles.

2 Day Diving Cenotes in Playa Del Carmen

The Cenotes are in the World Guinness record for the longest cave and cavern dive systems in the world. South of Cancun is home to miles of incredible limestone caverns that were once dry. After thousands of years of dripping rain water, stalagmites and stalactites formed incredible formations that challenge the imagination. While Cenote diving we will experience the crystal clear water with over five hundred feet visibility. Located all through out the Riviera Maya, the Cenotes are filled with rain water so clear you would not think you were even in water.

One- Day Expedition to Chichen Itza

Chichen-Itza, an ancient Mayan city, which includes one of the new 7 wonders of the world; the Kukulkan Pyramid, and is located in the Peninsula of Yucatan, in the Yucatan State; In addition to the Pyramid, we will spend the day exploring the ancient Mayan City Ruins.

2 Days of Diving in Cozumel

We will wrap up this amazing trip with two days of diving the beautiful waters of Cozumel

Estimated price is $2,500, which includes airfare, all dives and excursions, local accommodations, local transportation, tips and some meals.

A waitlist is for this dive is currently available.  Please contact Heather Weeter for information at heather.weeter@sedgwicklaw.com