The more time you spend in South Florida, Bob Kelley says, the more you realize just how much there is to do in the water.

The renowned plaintiffs attorney would know: He has a lifetime of exploring the region’s underwater attractions under his belt. He’s also the founder of the world’s first — and, to his knowledge, only — underwater bar association, and his tales of group outings are sure to arouse the envy of any non-coastal-dwelling colleague.

bob-kelleyThere’s the time Kelley and DiveBar took a trip to the Bahamas to swim among 10-foot tiger sharks in their breeding ground. Then there’s the Belize dive in which they encountered some unexpected visitors.

“We were in 100 feet of water, crystal clear, waiting to see whale sharks, because they spawn there the time of year we were there, creatures 50 to 100 feet long,” Kelley said. “And while we were waiting to see sharks, a big school of dolphins came in — they were playing with us, watching us. … It was a spectacular day.”

Kelley, the managing partner of Kelley/Uustal PLC, is best known for winning a client $300 million — one of the largest-ever tobacco company verdicts for an individual — and for winning a wrongful death trial against …

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My name is Caity Savoia and I am a graduate student at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science University of Miami. I also work at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (N.O.A.A.) where I am an AAUS authorized diver and biological technician, assisting on numerous projects to advance fishery management and conservation. Out of all of the hats I wear, I am proudest of being the mother of a beautiful two-year-old girl named Camryn. Everything I do in my budding professional career can be traced back to her, as her birth gave me the confidence and inspiration to pursue a track dedicated to my passion: the ocean. In 2014, my husband and I moved our new family to Miami where he was accepted to law school at UM. We are both almost done with graduate school and Anthony recently became the President of Miami Law DiveBar Student Chapter! Our family is beyond thrilled to partner with DiveBar as we wholeheartedly value their marine conservation mission statement and understand the importance of environmental non profits in South Florida. Please find me on Facebook and make sure you follow @divebarscuba on Instagram! I look forward to meeting all of you at a DiveBar event in the future!…

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DiveBar’s pilot ROOT project brought together disabled veterans, DiveBar attorneys and marine scientists to support NSU’s Coral Nursery Initiative

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – In late June, DiveBar’s pilot ROOT project culminated under the sea with some remarkably heroic scuba divers—military veterans with service-related disabilities. ROOT—Restoring Our Oceans Together—pairs up specially-trained divers with wounded military veterans, some of whom are paraplegics or who have had limbs amputated in combat. The project, which is a collaboration between DiveBar, Diveheart and Nova Southeastern University’s Coral Nursery Initiative (NSU CNI), is designed to enhance the lives of veterans with disabilities through scuba and to give them a new mission—reef conservation.

Preparation for the June ROOT dive began months ago with specialized training. Throughout spring, DiveBar lawyers trained with Diveheart to become certified adaptive dive buddies. Because the disabled veterans may require some assistance, the adaptive dive buddies were specially trained to address any of the veterans’ special needs. On June 24, the teams embarked on a two-dive trip. On the first dive they transplanted corals and performed maintenance at the offshore nursery belonging to NSU’s Coral Nursery Initiative. Afterwards, the dive teams visited DiveBar Reef: a dive site where DiveBar lawyers and NSU’s scientists outplanted approximately 1500 staghorn corals over the past two years. …

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Twenty-one divers joined DiveBar and Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Key Largo on July 12 for a great day of diving. Conditions were a little too sporty to make it out to the Spiegel Grove (such is the diver’s life!) so our private charter was treated to a sunny splash on Molasses Reef and then a 65-foot drift dive. Afterward, it was on to Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill for an exclusive members-only dockside sunset party.

Thanks to Catherine Jones for sharing the video with us and an extra-special shout out to Richard Wolfe for hooking us up at Big Chill.


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